Frontier Helicopters has extensive fire management experience with long term government contracts held in Western Australia for aerial firefighting and incendiary operations.

Operations include:

  • Aerial incendiary using Raindance incendiary machine
  • Drip torch operations using Helitorch underslung
  • 800 litre Bambi bucket for aerial suppression
  • Air attack
  • Crew insertion
  • Survey and mapping

Morgan Inglis   AS 350 B2 With Raindance R2 Fitted
Morgan Inglis   Bambi Bucket
Morgan Inglis   Drip Torch 1
Morgan Inglis   FBQ Inc
Morgan Inglis   Fire MGMT
Morgan Inglis   Fire MP
Morgan Inglis   Jet Ranger Raindance R3 KJ
Morgan Inglis   Jetranger Fire MGMT