Frontier helicopters management and pilots have many years experience flying airborne geophysical surveys. The company has completed a number of large surveys in Northern Australia since 2010. Our pilots offer the precision skills and experience for the most cost effective data collection.

Geophysical Services provided:

  • Gravity and Seismic
  • Magnetometer
  • Electromagnetic

Specific skills provided:

  • Minimal cross track variation
  • Accurate system heights
  • Smooth speed control and system angles
  • Management guarantee on contract specifications
  • Maximum efficiency on survey flights

Airborne underslung systems experienced with:

  • SkyTEM, 304 FAST, and 508 systems
  • New Resolution Geophysics, Excite
  • Fugro, Resolve

Morgan Inglis   EXCITE 1
Morgan Inglis   GD
Morgan Inglis   SKYTEM KNX
Morgan Inglis   Skytem  5
Morgan Inglis   Nrg 3 1