Frontier Helicopters can provide all your aerial crane helicopter and sling load operations. We have extensive experience and technical knowledge to cover all external load lifting operations.

We can provide:

  • Well equipped Airbus Squirrel helicopters with load cells and vertical reference window as standard
  • Experienced vertical reference longline pilots
  • Lifting equipment including cargo nets, longlines, remote hooks, drum lifters, slings and shackles.
  • Trained loadmasters
  • Job appraisals and advice
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Precision load placement
  • Aircraft with lift capacity up to 1200 kilograms

Examples of Aerial crane work:

  • Drill rig support and construction
  • Tower construction
  • Diesel resupply remote areas
  • General construction
  • Roof top Air conditioner placement
  • Mining support
  • Swimming pool placement
  • Aircraft retrievals
  • Wet concrete

Morgan Inglis Longline Bait
Morgan Inglis   Bait Reload
Morgan Inglis   Longline Bait
Morgan Inglis   Longline R 44
Diesel Resupply
Diesel Resupply 1